Applications of the Quillen-Suslin theorem to multidimensional systems theory

Berlin [u.a.] / de Gruyter (2007) [Buchbeitrag, Beitrag zu einem Tagungsband]

Gröbner bases in control theory and signal processing : [D3 Workshop on Gröbner Bases in Control Theory and Signal Processing (May 18 - 19, 2006) held in Linz, Austria] ; [based on talks delivered at the Special Semester on Gröbner Bases and Related Methods hosted by the Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Linz, Austria, in May 2006] / ed. by Hyungju Park ....
Seite(n): 23-106

Autorinnen und Autoren

Autorinnen und Autoren

Fabianska, Anna Wiktoria
Quadrat, Alban