Tropical Geometry


In the sommer term the lecture (2 SWS) Tropical Geometry is hold by Dr. Jorge Olarte Parra. The lecture is aimed to students from both the Bachelor's and the Master's program in Mathematics. Prerequisite is the knowledge of the lectures Linear Algebra I and II.

These lectures will serve as an introduction to tropical geometry. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Tropical numbers and valuations.

  • Initial ideals, Kapranov’s theorem and the Fundamental Theorem of Tropical Geometry.

  • Polyhedral complexes and the Structure Theorem of Tropical Geometry.

  • Valuated matroids and tropical linear spaces.

  • Tropical curves and Mikhalkin’s Correspondence Theorem.

Time and place of the lecture will be announced later.

This lecture will be hold in English.



  • Introduction to Tropical Geometry, D. Maclagan - B. Sturmfels. 

  • Tropical Geometry, G. Mikhalkin - J. Rau

  • Essentials of Tropical Geometry, M. Joswig