Seminar - Quivers and grassmaninan varieties



Verity Mackscheidt



+49 241 80 92552



In the seminar we treat the theory of quivers and grassmaninan varieties.

The seminar is aimed for both bachelor and master students. It is given in English. Each participant has to give a 60 minutes talk (90 minutes for master students) and additionally hand in an elaboration in LaTeX. (up to 10 pages for bachelor students, up to 15 pages for master students). The deadline for the elaborations is on 08/14/2020.

The seminar takes place on tuesdays from 8:30am till 10pm in room 512 in the seminar building.

The advisors for the seminar are Kai Wehrmaker and Verity Mackscheidt.

In the following, you find a overview of the appointments and topics of the talks; there might be short-term changes.



  • Quivers
    05/05/2020 [Astrid]: Quivers and their representations
    05/12/2020 [Jana]: Ext; Path Algebra and modules
  • Grassmannian
    05/19/2020 [Leon]: Projective varieties
    05/26/2020 [Yannic]: Grassmannian and Plücker embedding
    06/09/2020 [Saša]: Cell decomposition of the Grassmannian
    06/09/2020 [Verity]: Parametrisation of Grassmannian cells
  • Quiver Grassmannians
    06/16/2020 [Kai]: Introducing Quiver Grassmannians
    06/16/2020 [Ibrahim]: Every projective variety is a Quiver Grassmannian
    06/23/2020 [Alena]: Flag variety, Schubert cells and cell decomposition for certain types of Quiver Grassmannians
    06/30/2020 [Jan]: Singularities and desingularisation
    07/07/2020 [Darius]: The degenerate flag variety is irreducible
    07/14/2020 [Annika]: Linear degenerate flag varieties I
    07/14/2020 [Antonia]: Linear degenerate flag varieties II