Staff members of the Lehrstuhl B are publishing regularly in international profesional journals.

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Research Seminar

Members of the Lehrstuhl or invited guests will present current developments or own research plans and results.

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Seminar of the Graduate School

The seminar takes place every tuesday from 2.15pm until 3:45pm, in lecture hall IV (main buildung room 1010|141). In the first 20-30 minutes the speaker talks in general about the fundaments of his topic. After a short coffee break he has the opportunity to talk another 20-30 minutes about more special aspects of his work. Afterwards there is time for discussions

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Research areas

Lehrstuhl B consists of three working groups:


Research cooperations

Large national and international research programs are becoming more and more important to realize bigger research projects and raise external funding. The Lehrstuhl B is currently part of the SFB/TRR 195.

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An important part of the job at the Lehrstuhl B is the participation at international conferences, for networking, presenting own research, learning new developments.

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ABCD seminar

The Lehrstuhl B is working intensively with the working groups for algebra at the Ruhr-University Bochum and the Univresity of Cologne.

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Mathematical Software

We develop different software packages.

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