Introduction to Homological Algebra


In the winter term the lecture "Introduction to Homological Algebra" is

held by Dr. Sebastian Posur.
The lecture is an elective module for the master's program in mathematics.

In homological algebra, we abstract geometrical/topological ideas such
that they become applicable to the study of modules over rings.
This remarkable process of abstraction is possible due to the language
of category theory and gives powerful methods to treat modules.

In this lecture you will get to know these tools and how to apply them.
We will amongst others treat the following topics:

  • fundamental notions of category theory
  • module categories, chain complexes
  • abelian categories, classical homological lemmata
  • Ext- and Tor-functors, derived functors

Registration: via RWTHonline, or via e-mail at Sebastian Posur. After registration you will automatically be added to the learning room in RWTHmoodle where the homework is organized. Also all other important information concerning the lecture will be provided there.