Seminar - Quivers and Their Representations



Kunda Kambaso




In the seminar, we will discuss topics from the book ¨Quiver Representations¨ by Ralf Schiffler. Our main interest is to study the representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras. The seminar will consist of two parts: in part 1 we discuss quivers and their representations; in part 2 we discuss algebras and their modules. Along the way, we will also develop some notions from category theory.

The seminar can be attended by both bachelor and master students. The prerequisite is the module Linear Algebra 2. Each participant will give a 60min talk (90min for master students) and additionally hand in a report typed in Latex.

The first meeting for the distribution of talks takes place on Friday 05. July at 9am in the seminar room of Lehrstuhl B (Pontdriesch 10-12, room 405).

The seminar is weekly, Wednesday 2:30 pm in SG 512 (Seminargebäude), and the first talk will be on October 9th.

If you are interested in attending the seminar, please register by writing an email to Kunda Kambaso (



  • Lukas Schnelle: Category theory I: Hom functor and it’s effect on exact sequences
  • Mohammed Bouachir: Definitions: quivers, representations of quivers, morphisms
  • Jonas Wilms: Subrepresentations and direct sums: first isomorphism theorem
  • Ibrahim Ahmad: Indecomposable representations: Krull-Schmidt theorem
  • Jan Rodriguez: Simple, projective and injective representations
  • Phil Pützstück: Projective resolutions
  • Steve Meiter: Category theory II: Nakayama functor
  • David Schlang: Auslander-Reiten translation
  • Maximilian Plenge: Extensions and Ext
  • Ulli Kehrle: Auslander-Reiten quivers: type A_n
  • Lucas Mierau: Path algebra of a quiver
  • Alena Meyer: Bound quiver algebras
  • Darius Dramburg: Auslander-Reiten theory I: almost split sequences, Auslander-Reiten translation
  • Tom Görtzen:Auslander-Reiten theory II: Coxeter transformation, Auslander-Reiten formulas and tensor products
  • Friedrich Rober: Gabriel’s theorem