Practical Exercises I 2018/19


In the winter semester 2018/2019, Lehrstuhl B für Mathematik is offering the Practical Exercises I.


The Practical Exercises are a supplement to the lectures of the first two semesters. Their purpose is to improve the level of understanding of these lectures. Each week, we publish a work sheet which is to be worked on during that week. Their are small tests about the topics, which are not graded, but have to be passed. Little errors may be corrected in the following week. If a test is not passed, it has to be repeated during the lecture-free period.

In the computer rooms, the are student assistens helping with questions about the worksheets. The exact dates are listed below. For the attestation groups, please register via RWTHonline.


We use the computer algebra system Maple. Participants may use the computer rooms, where Maple is installed, during all the course dates, not just their own one. Furthermore, these computers can be accessed from outside using X2Go. However, we recommend using Maple on your own computer.

Maple 2017 ist available for 60 euros in the RWTH Aachen University Software Shop. Sutdents can access the Software shop via RWTHonline.


There are two computer rooms available, each consisting of 24 working spaces. Room 003 is located at Pontdriesch 10-16, room 242 is located in the main building.

In order the use the computers in the CIP-Pool you first have to set a password. General help you also find on the Webpages of the igpm. Please create your accounts as soon as possible in order to be prepared for the attestations.

Please note that this course is offered in German.