Lecture in Pairs: Filtered-Graded Transfer and PBW Deformations



Wednesdays, 4:30 - 6 pm, SeMath



  • algebraic structures (from magmas to finitely presented associative rings), examples of important rings and algebras
  • gradings, properties of graded rings, graded modules
  • algorithmic aspects, noncommutative factorization
  • filtrations, associated grading, filtered-graded transfer of ring-theoretic properties (like theorems of Jacobson), "meta-theorem"
  • Krull dimension over commutative rings, properties, connection to Hilbert-Poincare series of rings and modules
  • Gel'fand-Kirillov dimension (GKdim) over K-algebras, properties, extension beyond finitely presented case, GKdim over commutative algebras, comparison with the Krull dimension
  • PBW deformations
  • applications