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Research interests in the working group Niemeyer are:

Computer Algebra:

Algorithms for matrix groups, permutation groups and p-groups. Analysis of algorithms, proportion of elements in groups.


Block design

Simplicial Surfaces

Combinatorial and group theoretic approaches, euklidean geometry.


Supervised Theses


Ph.D. Theses (Current)

  • Marvin Krings: On the Structure of Primitive Permutation Groups
  • Dominik Bernhardt: Automorphism Groups of Graphs - Counting and Classifying
  • Tom Görtzen: Konstruktion und Anwendung simplizialer Flächen mit geometrischen Randbedingungen
  • Friedrich Rober: Constructive Recognition Algorithms for Finite Wreath Products

Ph.D. Theses (Completed)

  • Jesse Lansdown: Designs in Finite Geometry (Cotutelle mit der UWA - Prof. John Bamberg und Prof. Gordon Royle), 2020
  • Sergio Siccha: Normalizers of Primitive Goups, 2020
  • Markus Baumeister: Regularity Aspects for Combinatorial Simplicial Surfaces, 2020

Master Theses (Current)

  • Anna Sucker: Computing the Representations of Classical Groups on the Symmetric Square

Master Theses (Completed)

  • Reymond Oluwaseun Akpanya: Klassifikation der Sphären ohne Zweier-Taillen, 2021
  • Friedrich Rober: Constructive Recognition of Wreath Products with simple sockle factor An ,2020  
  • Daniel Rademacher: Bruhat Decomposition in Orthogonal Groups over Finite Fields, 2020
  • Sebastian Krammer: Recognition Algorithms for Wreath Products, 2019
  • Andrea Thevis: Invariant Differential Forms in Arbitrary Characteristic, 2017
  • Marvin Krings: Sylow Subgroups of Primitive Permutation Groups, 2017

Bachelor Theses (Current)

  • Meike Weiss: Simpliziale Flächen und ihre Flächengraphen
  • Dilay Boyacı:

Bachelor Theses (Completed)

  • Varvara Arkhipova: Classification of special simplicial surfaces with four boundary edges and applications, 2021
  • Johannes Verbücheln: Distance Invariances of Polygonal Complexes, 2019
  • Emma Ahrens: Presentations on Standard Generators for some Classical Groups, 2019
  • Duy Duc Khuat: Constructive Matrix Group Recognition of PSL(2,q), 2019
  • Astrid Hagemeyer: Wreath Products and the Category of Permutation Groups, 2019
  • Alena Meyer: Funktorkategorien und universelle Faktorisierungen von Funktoren, 2019
  • Daniel Rademacher: Bruhat Decomposition in Unitary and Sympletic Groups over Finite Fields, 2019
  • Lucas Wollenhaupt: Partition Backtrack and the Conjugacy Problem in Permutation Groups, 2019
  • Anna Sucker: Constructing Quasi-Primitive almost Simple Groups, 2019
  • Marius Fleuster: A New Algorithm to Compute Arbitrary Reduced Table of Marks of Permutation Groups, 2018
  • Reymond Oluwaseun Akpanya: Manipulation diskreter simplizialer Flächen, 2018
  • Friedrich Rober: Finding Normal Subgroups of Small Index of a Nitely Presented Group, 2018
  • Sebastian Krammer: Isomorphism-Classes of Subgraphs via Semigroups, 2017