Aachen-Bochum-Cologne Darstellungstheorie seminar

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Geometric and computational aspects of representation theory of Lie algebras and quivers

Parts of the Chair of Algebra and Representation Theory have been working intensive and very succesfull with the Algebra working group of the Universiy of Cologne and the Chair for Algebra of the Ruhr-University Bochum. Common reseearch themes are among others Quantum Groups, Canonical Bases, Degenerations of Spherical Varieties, Standard Monomial Theory, Combinatorics of Lattice Polytopes or in general Representation Theory.

Due to this collaboration, the Aachen-Bochum-Cologne-Darstellungstheorie Seminar (ABCD-Seminar) has been founded. This is a bi-annual seminar, which will be held at one of the three universities.

Principal investigators in this seminar are

  • Prof. Peter Littelmann (Cologne)
  • Prof. Markus Reineke (Bochum)
  • Prof. Ghislain Fourier (RWTH)
  • JProf. Deniz Kus (Bochum)
  • Dr. Xin Fang (Cologne)

The opening workshop of the ABCD seminar will take place in Feburar 2019 at the RWTH Aachen university. This will be a three day workshop, later seminar will be one day only.

There have been several workshops and conference with the research group, that might serve as the starting points of the ABCD seminar, among other