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Download Maple package conley

conley is available for Maple 8, Maple 9, and Maple 10. This is the second release of conley: conley for Maple 8,9,10: conley.ind, conley.lib If you need conley for Maple V Release 5 or Maple 6, then please contact one of the authors.

After downloading the Maple package, you can follow the installation guide below.

After installing conley, it would be helpful if you could send us a short e-mail which explains for what purpose conley is beneficial for you and which Maple version you use.

If you encounter any problem with conley, don't hesitate to contact us.

Installing conley

  1. Copy the conley library files "conley.ind", "conley.lib" for your Maple version (see download) into a (new) directory of your choice.
  2. Write
    libname := "the global path of the directory conley", libname:
  3. Try

If you encounter a problem, then most probably the definition of libname in step 2 is wrong in the sense that its value does not point to the correct directory where your library files reside.
A reasonable way to check your installation is to run one of the example worksheets of the Library of Examples.
If you still have problems concerning the installation of conley, please contact us.